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Succesfully completed: Study on the distribution and utilization UNICEF family kits IN DRC

Health Focus DRC just completed a study on the distribution and utilization of so-called family kits that are being distributed to Congolese households in order to improve the health situation of children under the age of five and pregnant women, since in DRC the maternal, neonatal and child mortality remains a big problem. In 2014, the maternal mortality rate was 730 women per 100.000, the neonatal was at 86,1 newborn of 1000 and 118,5 children under the age of five of 1000.

The kits for the children under age 5 are distributed once per trimester and comprise medicine important for taking charge of diarrhea, anemia and micronutrient deficiency at home as well as for treating the symptoms of a fever. In addition to the children’s kits, all pregnant women get a kit with all essential commodities for a clean childbirth without complications as well as a procuration for the filing of the child’s birth.

The study realized by the Health Focus DRC team consisted of a household survey with a total of 2.800 respondents (pregnant women and mothers of children under the age of 5) and semi-structured interviews with healthcare staff and communal distributors of the kits. The KAP study aimed at understanding the knowledge, the attitudes and the practices of the recipients of the kits in the three health zones Mbanza-Ngungu, Kenge and Kungu.


Dr Léon Luyalu training data collectors in Mbanza-Ngungu, DRC