Digital Health Management Training at International Health Master Programme

We are happy to share an update on our health management training course conducted in November, as part of the International Health Master programme of the Medical Faculty Charité of the Humboldt University Berlin and Freie University Berlin.

The training is based on the concept of the project management cycle and the logical framework, using some tools of the ‘OOP’ objective oriented planning approach, participants equipped with a wide range of techniques and tools which are extremely useful for practical planning processes in health systems management.

The different training modules are covering different participatory planning tools, ranging from situation and stakeholder analysis to problem and objective analysis to project planning matrix and work plan.

This year our participants covered topics like community awareness programs against malaria in Western Papua, prevention of cholera outbreaks in Yemen, building resilience in Southern Turkey, gender-based violence fights in the DR Congo, and AMR surveillance in Liberia.

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