European Commission’s Framework Contract Lot 4 Health

What are the European Commission’s Framework Contracts (FWC)?

To increase flexibility, efficiency and transparency in the provision of technical assistance to benefit third countries and the European Commission’s (EC) own operations, the EC has streamlined procurement procedures for the recruitment of short-term expertise through the use of Framework Contracts (FWC). Groups of companies (Consortia) become ‘preferred suppliers’ for the provision of experts to the EC in a specific area of expertise, commonly referred to as a “lot”.

Lot 4 – Human development and safety net

Health Focus, one of sixteen partners in the consortium led by IBF International Consulting (Belgium), has been selected for participation in the Lot 4 – Human development and safety net – FWC SIEA 2018 (Framework Contract services for the Implementation of External Aid 2018-2020). Read more on areas of expertise and selection process here…

How to apply for FWC with Health Focus:

Health Focus is proactively involved in the recruitment, selection and implementation of individual projects under the FWC. We are looking for highly qualified experts with relevant working experience in the areas covered under “Lot 4 Human development and safety net” on an ongoing basis. If you are interested to work for Health Focus in specific projects under the FWC, please upload your CV (Click here to download the required EC format). We will contact you for relevant assignments.