Lot 4 – Human development and safety net

The technical expertise of experts required for LOT 4 include:  

1. Education (formal and non-formal) 
2. Vocational Education and Training - VET (formal and non-formal) 
3. Lifelong learning 
4. Culture 
5. Social Inclusion and Protection (formal and informal) 
6. Health   
    6.1. Public health    
    6.2. Health economics and health financing    
    6.3. Health care    
    6.4. Human Resources development   
    6.5. Pharmaceutical sector    
    6.6. Health promotion     
    6.7. Health Metrics  

7. Research & Innovation   


Country of Assignment:

Framework contracts can cover all the beneficiary countries/ authorities of the European Commission’s external aid programmes. Scope of work: The scope of services requested under the projects relates to the full project cycle related to the specific “Lot”: identification, feasibility, operational and technical follow-up assignments, financial and/or contractual monitoring, project evaluation, technical, financial or contractual audit of the project, technical advice and support, information and communication, or closure of a project.

Each project has a specified duration as per the individual terms of reference which will be provided to the expert during each advertised position. The individual projects under the FWC vary considerably in duration from a few days to several months. Some projects are intermittent and require a single expert to travel one or more times for different durations during their contract (as per the terms of reference) to the country of project implementation. Some contracts allocate a number of working days prior to and/ or after the mission. Typically the team needs to be mobilised at very short notice. 

EU experience:
EU experience can be a pre-requisite but is always an advantage. 

Category of experts:

  • Category I: At least 12 years of experience in the sector(s) related to the Lot
  • Category II: At least 6 years of experience in the sector(s) related to the Lot
  • Category III: At least 3 years of experience in the sector(s) related to the Lot

The process:
Three consortia groups with FWC status have been selected by the EU. Each group of consortia is invited to submit one candidate for each position advertised in the “Request for Services” (RfS). The time between the RfS and the deadline for submission of the candidate to the EC for each position/team is usually less than two weeks. Within the IBF consortia (of which Health Focus is a partner), an internal evaluation process is used to determine which candidate from the partners will be submitted to the EC. If the EC requests the submission of a methodology, the expert interested in the team leader position will be required to contribute to the methodology as per the RfS. The EC will then decide which proposal wins.

Once an assignment is awarded to the consortium, contractual handlings will be finalised as soon as possible and the team members will be introduced to each other. The exact date of departure and execution will be discussed and logistics as travel and housing will be arranged in cooperation with the expert/s.

Health Focus Team for FWC:

Senior Project Manager for LOT 4: 
Manja Naumann-Hustedt
Senior Project Manager
English, Spanish

Project Manager for LOT 4:
Ina Voigtländer 
Project Manager 
English, French