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Validating Ebola tests

The Laboratoire Guineo Allemand (LGA), a Health Focus affiliate based in Conakry in Guinea, works with a team from Senova GmbH in Weimar on validating Ebola rapid test. Senova GmbH is specialized in high-quality immunological rapid tests for the detection of proteins, microorganisms and viruses. The Ebola test was developed years ago, after an Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Compared to the time consuming classic PCR diagnostic of Ebola, the now tested solution can be applied in the field and does not rely on expensive equipment. It does not yet detect early infection stages, but is a useful tool in case management and in diagnosing the infection in deceased persons.

It is one of the hardest tasks for Ebola helpers to explain families why they cannot view the body or carry out the burial rites in suspect cases. The test can help to quickly confirm whether a death is Ebola related or not.