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Support to women in Liberia’s health sector

After the Ebola Virus Disease outbreak, health became a priority area for German bilateral development cooperation with Liberia. Currently, GIZ is providing support in three domains in the health sector including a program on “Employment-oriented support to women working in the health sector in Liberia” (EWH) (2016–2019). The objective of this program is to improve institutional capacities and personal empowerment of women to enable their increased economic participation in Liberia’s health workforce. As such, the EWH aims to improve the career opportunities of women in Liberia’s health sector, through empowering individuals, as well as fostering institutional change.

Already in 2007, the Liberian Ministry of Health expressed a desire to include “gender equity in all aspects of employment” in its planning strategies. Furthermore, it recognised the importance of human resources to the health sector and the need to work towards a gender-balanced health workforce with the required skill mix.

In partnership with evaplan, Health Focus will deliver a project as part of the EWH to improve the gender responsiveness of health training institutions (HTIs) as well as the Ministry of Health. The project is comprised of the following three key components:

  1. Supporting HTIs to conduct participatory gender audits
  2. Delivering gender responsiveness training at HTIs
  3. Providing gender responsiveness training to key Ministry of Health staff

The project will be implemented over a twelve month period, commencing in November 2017, and will focus on the five counties in south-eastern Liberia, which is a particularly disadvantaged region of the country.