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Staff & Offices

Health Focus works with competent, creative, multi-disciplinary teams. We strongly believe in teamwork as a key to success and excellence.

Our permanent employees have longstanding professional experience, strong interpersonal and managerial skills, and an excellent ability for communication and dialogue in various cultural settings. Young professionals with innovative skills assist them. Together, the teams secure a consistently high level of performance to meet the needs and  expectations of our partners and clients.

The Health Focus headquarters resides in Potsdam, Germany. Three fully staffed and equipped regional offices are located in Conakry/Guinea, Kinshasa/DRC and Johannesburg/South Africa and provide in their respective sub-regions.

Health Focus offers an inspiring working environment with space for continuous technical exchange and renewal. The firm’s permanent workforce covers key areas such as health system strengthening and development, HIV&AIDS prevention, sexual and reproductive health, social protection / health insurance, qualitative and quantitative research (studies/surveys), project planning and management, monitoring and evaluation, financial management, strategic development, human resources development and training, quality management, etc.

Health Focus’ core teams have extensive experience in managing and backstopping large project portfolios for a broad range of donors and clients. Moreover, they have several years of field experience in developing countries, during which they have served as technical advisors, team leaders or project managers on various topics in the health sector.

In addition to its permanent staff, Health Focus works closely with a wide range of associated staff that has accumulated extensive experience in the areas of clinical medicine, rehabilitation, public health, health economics and operational research, teaching and training, communication, medical anthropology, management, monitoring and evaluation. They are experienced experts with broad knowledge and understanding of current approaches and strategies applied in the health sector.