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Radionovela (radio series) “Passa a Palavra” – free translation: “Talk to each other“

Welcome to Ilonga, the district capital of Maluta in Malana province. Here the story “Passa a Palavra”, a radio series (radionovela), is set.

The ten radio episodes play in a school located in a fictitious town somewhere in Mozambique and tell the story of its teachers, students and their families in dealing with HIV. The story encourages and stimulates teachers, students, families and communities in a creative way to talk more openly about HIV and other diseases, to reflect on (their) behaviour and to promote tolerance and solidarity.

The radionovela is part of a set of multimedia information and education material that was developed or adapted by Health Focus in close coordination with the Ministry of Education and Human Development in the framework of GIZ’s education programme in order to strengthening the implementation of the public workplace programme for teachers and administrative staff in the education sector in Mozambique.

The radio programme was produced by Marta Barroso, the creative and managing director of mab. As of 28th of February 2017, “Passa a Palavra” is broadcasted country-wide by the national radio station Rádio Moçambique (RM).

The radio series is available to all interested parties on the website www.ponto-focal-mz.org.