Sexual and Reproductive Health in Mozambique

In late 2013, the United Nations initiated a process aimed at developing and implementing a commitment around the needs and rights of young people. The initiative expanded to include core UN partners and CSOs from across the region.This initiative lead to 20 countries (including Mozambique) in the East and Southern Africa (ESA) region affirming and endorsing their joint commitment at the 2013 ICASA Conference to deliver CSE and SRHR services for young people. It is expected, for example, that good quality frameworks for CSE curricula will be in place and will be implemented in each of the 20 countries, as well as pre-service and in-service SRH and CSE training for teachers, health and social workers. Measures designed to facilitate joint achievement of the targets were also agreed in the declaration.

Since April 2015, GIZ supports the implementation of the ESA Miniterial Commitment focusing on access to comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) as well as youth friendly services (YFS) for sexual and reproductive health of adolescents in four cluster countries - Mozambique, Zambia, Namibia and South Africa.

In order to enhance ownership and implementation of the ESA Commitment targets in Mozambique, Health Focus implements a support package strengthen the national multi-sectoral working group of the Programa Geração BIZ (PGB), particularly the multi-sector coordination aspects of the programme and the reporting functions. Health Focus furthermore assesses current approaches regarding the linkages between schools and health facilities in providing sexuality education and youth-friendly health services in order to recommend and identify best-practice examples.