Insights from Malteser Campus Conference: NGO-Company Collaboration in Health

The event "Global Health Market in Focus: How NGOs and Companies Collaborate," held at the Malteser Campus in Cologne on April 9, 2024, was an inspiring day filled with insights, discussions, and networking opportunities. Keynote speakers Douglas Graf von Saurma Jeltsch and Roland Göhde, along with our Director Dr. Alois Dörlemann serving as the moderator, set the stage for the conference. Presentations from NGOs like Malteser International and action medeor e.V., as well as corporate initiatives such as "Making More Health" by Boehringer Ingelheim and the "GhanaHeart Initiative" by Bayer, provided valuable insights. Other highlights included projects like Ottobock's efforts to establish orthopedic technical infrastructure in Ukraine and Sysmex Europe's collaboration with United Nations organizations. The event offered diverse perspectives on the collaboration between NGOs and companies in the health sector.