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Construction Workplace Interventions to Combat HIV/AIDS in DRC

Construction Site and Surrounding Communities HIV/STI Prevention an Awareness Raising in five provinces of the DRC

The Société Nationale d’Electricité (SNEL) is planning a large electrical network upgrade project which features the improvement of some existing power stations and the construction of new electricity lines in five provinces of the DRC: Bandundu, Eastern and Western Kasai, Bas Congo and Katanga.

Considering the large influence of mobile workers living in temporary camps during the duration of the building work, the project may have an impact on the health of the populations living near the project sites, such as increased incidence of HIV and other STIs. Health Focus has been awarded to implement awareness raising strategy that is linked to a campaign of free distribution of male and female condoms. The intervention will specifically target the local populations of the villages and cities along the electricity lines as well the mobile workers present on the worksites and camps, making up for a total population of approximately 1 200 000 people.

The project will be rolled out over a year and will include the implementation of the awareness raising campaign with the local communities and the workers focusing on activities such as TV and radio shows, participative information tours as well as focus group discusssions, all along with a strong montoring and evaluation component.