Health Focus GmbH and Dornier Consulting International announce a strategic partnership in the fight against COVID-19

The ongoing health crisis has led to unprecedented service disruptions affecting public life and endangering global supply chains.

Health Focus GmbH and Dornier Consulting International GmbH have formed a strategic partnership in the fight against COVID-19.

We have combined our resources and expertise in infrastructure, engineering and public health to develop sustainable strategies dealing with the current pandemic, assisting with recovery and building resilience.

Our team of experts are ready to provide tailored solutions to reduce the risk of virus transmission, while supporting business continuity and recovery in the sectors of aviation, rail and public transport.

We develop scientific solutions based on current research, best practices and lessons learned from previous pandemics. Our team supports the implementation of international and national health regulations and industry guidelines regarding COVID-19 measures.

In addition to short-term measures for immediate response, it is important to look beyond the current crisis and be better prepared for the next public health threat.

Our Focus

  • Risk reduction
  • Business continuity and recovery
  • Preparing for the future

Our Services in Detail

  • Joint crisis management team, stakeholder information and risk communication
  • Support in implementing governmental regulations and industry guidelines
  • Implementing social distancing measures through infrastructure reorganisation, safety design and simulations for adequate capacity planning
  • Strategies to rebuild business and reinstate consumer confidence without compromising safety
  • Development of comprehensive safety and health packages and use of hospital hygiene concepts to reduce the germ load
  • Pandemic alert plans for accelerated action when outbreaks occur
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