Framework contract services for the implementation of EU external aid (SIEA): Implementation of short-term assignments – Lot 4 (Human development and safety net)

Objectif: Health Focus, one of sixteen partners in the consortium led by IBF International Consulting (Belgium), has been selected for participation in the Lot 4 – Human development and safety net – FWC SIEA 2018 for the provision of short-term expertise to low- and middle-income countries benefiting from European Commission External Aid. Services provided under this LOT 4 include:

1. Education (formal and non-formal)

2. Vocational Education and Training - VET (formal and non-formal)

3. Lifelong learning

4. Culture

5. Social Inclusion and Protection (formal and informal)

6. Health (Public health, Health economics and health financing, Health care, HR development, Pharmaceutical sector, Health promotion, Health Metrics)

7. Research & Innovation

The scope of services requested under the project relates to the full project cycle: identification, feasibility, operational and technical follow-up assignments, financial and/or contractual monitoring, project evaluation, technical, financial or contractual audit of the project, technical advice and support, information and communication, or closure of a project.

Health Focus experts were contracted to carry out the following assignments: xxx

Type of services provided

Selection, mobilisation and provision of short-term experts for each assignment;

Provision of quality assurance for the reports/ requested outputs, monitoring of assignment implementation as well as technical backstopping for the experts;

Management of assignment implementation;

Maintaining a comprehensive database of relevant consultants;

Contract and financial management, logistical support.