District Health Management Training, Master Course in International Health


Training in District Health Management for the Master of Science Programme in International Health of the Medical Faculty Charité of the Humboldt University Berlin and Freie University Berlin.


The Medical Faculty Charité of the Humboldt University at Berlin (HUB) and the Freie University Berlin (FU) provides International Health training. Its flexible modular degree programme for full-time or part-time study consists of an introductory core course, specialised optional modules in various tracks, and a research project submitted as a thesis. The Masters Programme is organised within the TropEd European Network for Education in International Health, currently consisting of 26 institutions of higher education in 13 European countries and collaborating institutions in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Based on the concept of the project management cycle and the logical framework, using some tools of the ‘ZOPP’ planning approach, participants get a wide range of techniques and tools which are extremely useful for practical working processes in health systems management. The different training modules are covering leadership including facilitation and team management skills, situational analysis/epidemiology/evaluation, planning, programming, evaluation, quality management tools in the health sector.


  • Curriculum development;
  • Development of interactive contents and exercises.