Strengthening & decentralizing the fight against tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS and reaching vulnerable populations in the Republic of Guinea, Sub-Recipient Agreement -Lot 1: VIH Prevention/ Conakry Region


Support the strengthening and decentralization of the fight against tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS and reach vulnerable populations in the Republic of Guinea.


Selected as Principal Recipient (PR) under the Global Fund's joint HIV and Tuberculosis Prevention Grant for the period 2018-2020, Plan International Guinea has selected sub-recipients to ensure the implementation of HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis prevention and control interventions. In this context, Health Focus was selected for Lot 1 - Administrative Region of Conacry/HIV prevention package.

The target groups for interventions are adolescents and young people, people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA), sex workers (SW), truck drivers & fishermen, men who have sex with men (MSM), prisoners and men and women in uniform. Prevention activities include:

  • · Training of peer educators, youth association delegates in communication skills, STIs, HIV, and HIV testing
  • · Training of leaders of PLWHA, SW, MSM and civil society associations on leadership
  • · Organize HIV awareness and testing days for adolescents and young people, both in and out of school
  • · Awareness/advocacy and training of men and women in uniform on the harms of stigma, discrimination and human rights of key populations in the HIV response
  • · Organize educational talks in barracks, prisons, health centres and social interaction sites for SW in the city of Conakry
  • · Organize educational and awareness-raising talks on human rights and gender-based violence.
  • · Organize team trips from mobile HIV testing clinics

Type of services provided

  • · Selection, mobilization and provision of experts
  • · Development of training modules and training tools adapted to the need/target group
  • · Organization of workshops, training, awareness days and educational talks
  • · Provision of technical support and quality assurance of deliverables
  • · Project administration, monitoring and supervision
  • · Regular coordination with the client and partners
  • · Preparation of programmatic and financial reports