Scoping study on the operationalisation of an integrated and interoperable electronic surveillance system in the context of "One Health"

Context: As part of the Projet de Renforcement des Systèmes de Surveillance de Maladies en Afrique Centrale (REDISSE IV), the DRC aims to strengthen its surveillance capacity by establishing a national real-time, interconnected electronic surveillance system. This requires a preliminary scoping study of existing systems in the human, animal and environmental health sectors to ensure effective and interoperable implementation.

Objectives: To draw up an inventory of epidemiological surveillance with a view to setting up an integrated and interoperable electronic surveillance system based on the "One Health" approach in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which includes improving research capacity in zoonotic, human and environmental diseases. More specifically, this involved:

  • To establish the current state of surveillance systems in the three sectors (human health, animal health and the environment) by analysing organisations, procedures, control standards, technical specifications and internal control.
  • To support the development of an implementation plan for an integrated and interoperable electronic monitoring system based on the "One Health" approach by determining the functional and technical specifications, estimating the development time, defining the application architecture and the expectations of the application, and to assist the stakeholders in selecting the relevant indicators for the dashboard and interoperability.
  • To present the terms of reference for the recruitment of the firm responsible for implementing the integrated and interoperable electronic surveillance system based on the "One Health" approach.
  • To determine the structure/architecture of the web portal and to draw up the specifications for web portal development.
  • Ongoing administration, monitoring and supervision throughout the implementation of the interoperable and interconnected monitoring system
  • Coordination with the UG-PDSS and project partners ;
  • Technical support for the project by providing the services of experts in accordance with the work plan agreed with the UG-PDSS / quality assurance of the products delivered;
  • Selection, mobilisation and provision of international and local consultants;

Final reporting.

Type of services provided: