Reproductive and Family Health Programme: Provision of an International Experts pool to provide technical support for programm activities


The reproductive and family health programme (PSRF), implemented by GIZ, supports the Ministry of Health (MoH) and its regional and district health authorities in improving reproductive health services and increasing demand through sensitization and awareness-raising.


The PSRF is implemented in four regions of the country, namely Mamou, Faranah, Kindia and Labé. Through co-funding with the European Union (EU), a fifth region, N’Zérékoré, will be included in the programme regions. The service package implemented by the consortium Health Focus/ AEDES delivers support to the implementation of the PSRF in Guinea by providing a pool of international experts that will

a) Provide structural support to the programme,

thus continuously supporting the project’s planning, M&E, reporting, development of information material and fact sheets and provision of specific technical support

b) Implement specific key activities:

1. Conduct an institutional audit of the DRH of the MoH

2. Conduct training courses at national and decentralized levels on the use of iHRIS database

3. Together with the MoH, revision and update of the guide for maternal and neonatal deaths audits

4. Conduct a study on sustainable financing options for community-based structures (CHWs and “relais communautaires”) and develop a model for Guinea

5. Implementation of the approach „Know your body“ (“Connais ton Corps”) aimed at improving awareness of sexual and reproductive health issues among adolescents and young adults (10-24 years)

6. Development and backstopping of an electronic platform for the management of data from the quality management system (“Monitorage Amélioré”)

7. Development of a knowledge management system for the MoH supported by relevant IT applications and technologies

8. Implementation of 2 KAP surveys as part of the M&E system of the programme

Type of services provided

  • Selection, mobilization and provision of international short-term experts for each activity;
  • Technical support to the PSRF and the Ministry of Health;
  • Management of assignment implementation;
  • Project administration, monitoring and supervision in line with the GIZ instruments;
  • Coordination with GIZ;
  • Technical backstopping of the project/ quality assurance of deliverables;
  • Contribution to GIZ’s Knowledge management (collating project experience and best practice examples);
  • Regular coordination with and reporting to the client.