Improvement of Health Care Provision in Tanzania (IHC2): Capacity Development for EmOMC, Newborn Health and Family Planning

Context: The project is part of the development cooperation (DC) programme "Health Sector Support Programme" with the objective to reach all households through evidence-based and efficient basic health and social services that meet objective quality criteria and, as far as possible, the expectations of the population. The aim of the technical cooperation (TC) module is to improve maternal sexual and reproductive health and newborn health in selected project regions. The module is comprised of three outputs, two of which (outputs 1 and 2) are the main responsibility of this project that is carried out by Health Focus/evaplan.


  • Output 1 (Emergency Obstetric Care and Newborn Health): The performance of selected health facilities in the management of selected obstetrics and neonatal complecations is improved
  • Output 2 (Family Planning): Access to youth friendly family planning services is improved for young people
  • Activities of work packages 1 and 2 include:
  • Provide training on CEmONC, new-born care, safe blood management, recognition, management and referral of cases of gender-based violence and violence against children and planned preventive maintenance
  • Provide training of CEmONC and new-born care mentors
  • Strengthen mentorship
  • Facilitate clinical attachment on Caesarean operation
  • Support MPDSR meeting at regional level
  • Develop CEmONC and new-born care onboarding concept for induction of newcomers in the respective service provision areas and deliver training

The project will develop capacities in comprehensive emergency obstetric and new-born care (CEmONC), new-born care and family planning (FP) in 18 health facilities and 2 dispensaries in Tanga region.

Content: The specific tasks are grouped into three work packages:

Work Package 1 - Comprehensive Emergency Obstretric and Newborn Care (CEmONC): Improve the capacity of the targeted 16 hospitals and health centres to provide high quality, functional and empathic emergence obstetric care services to pregnant women, their newborns and families.

Work Package 2 - Newborn Care: Improve capacity of the 16 selected hospitals and health centres to provide high quality, functional and empathetic care for small and sick newborns and stabilize critically ill neonetes before referral

Advise and support the health facility management teams to improve quality of documentation and use of data, sustain availability of medicines, medical supplies, and laboratory reagents, ascertain

Type of services provided:

  • Management of assignment implementation;
  • Project administration, monitoring and supervision in line with the GIZ instruments;
  • Regular coordination with GIZ;
  • Technical backstopping of the project/ quality assurance of deliverables;
  • Contribution to GIZ’s Knowledge management (collating project experience and best practice examples);
  • Contribute to inputs into the WHO Quality of Care Network for Maternal and Newborn Health, the GIZ Sector Network, conferences, and other learning forums
  • Conduct training to health care workers
  • Support regular mentorship visits on new-born care, EmONC and FP
  • Develop & adapt training material as required
  • Establish peer learning processes within and between facilities
  • Undertake a situation analysis and operational planning
  • Develop SOPs for integrated FP
  • Collect data for tracking, module indicators, as well as a set of further indicators needed for planning and managing quality improvement in CEmONC/NH and FP
  • In coordination with the GIZ, participate in and report back from sub-technical working group and RMNCAH technical working group meetings
  • Regular reporting to GIZ