Support to the development of a training course for the dissemination of the WHO guidelines on HIV and STI prevention and treatment among MSM and transgender people


The overall objective of the training is to support health workers, medical and non-medical, in improving their provision of health services (e.g. prevention, treatment and care) to men who have sex with men (MSM) and to transgender people. The participants of the training will learn about the specific WHO guidelines for the prevention and treatment of HIV and other STIs among MSM and transgender people, including uptake and implementation in their day-to-day practices.


The Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA) Knowledge Hubs Network supported by the German BACKUP Initiative developed a training targeting health professionals working with MSM and transgender people to facilitate the implementation of the WHO guidelines for prevention and treatment of HIV and other STIs among the aforementioned groups. The training adopted a didactical approach, which has both a face to face (2 day) workshop and an e-learning (2 months) component. The initiative is led by the ESA KH Network partner Enhancing Care Foundation (ECF). The training will be piloted in Kenya, Uganda and North Sudan.

  • Coordination and technical as well as didactic advice to the development of the e-learning component (including learner-centred and user-oriented aspects, meaningful combination of the present learning and online learning phases, context-oriented visual and graphic presentation of contents, context-oriented technical realization according to SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) standards) in collaboration with the ECF expert team and the ESA HIV Knowledge Hub network;
  • Comments and technical revision of the training materials (manual for trainers and trainees, literature review and other documents) for the face to face training workshop and feedback to ECF;
  • Reporting;
  • Close coordination with the client.