EuropeAid Multiple Framework Contract to Recruit Technical Assistance for Short-term Expertise for Exclusive Benefit of Third Countries Benefiting from European Commission External Aid – Lot 8 Health

Health Focus, one of nine partners in the consortium lead by ECORYS, has been selected for participation in the Lot 8 – Health – European Commission Multiple Framework Contract (2014-2016) for the provision of short-term expertise in the field of health to low and middle income countries benefiting from European Commission External Aid. Services are provided in the fields of public health, health economics and health financing, health care, human resources development, the pharmaceutical sector, health promotion and health metrics. The scope of services requested under the projects relates to the full project cycle: programme or project design and implementation, preparation of Terms of Reference (services) and technical annexes (works, supplies) and evaluation of offers (procurement), evaluation of grant proposals, programme evaluations (ex-ante, interim, ex-post etc.) as well as monitoring. Expertise is required to cover a number of horizontal aspects: (cross-) sectoral policy analysis and reforms; macroeconomics; public financial management; legislation, regulations and law enforcement, approximation of legislation; institutional capacity development; training and research, and awareness-raising, (incl. information and communication).

Health Focus experts were contracted to carry out the following assignments:

(1) Burundi (04/2014): Mid-term review of the Health Sector Policy Support Project in Burundi – « Amagara Meza », financed by 10th European Development Fund (EDF); provision of team leader and pharmacist/ drug expert by HF

(2) DR Congo (08/2014): Evaluation of the 10th EDF health programme in the DR Congo and capitalization of the results for the preparation of the 11th EDF health programme; provision of pharmacist/ drug expert by HF

(3) Guinea (07-12/2016): Institutional, organizational and functional audit of the Ministry of Health in Guinea; provision of expert in organization and management of public administration in the health sector by HF

(4) Burkina Faso (01-02/2017) : Encadrement de la validation des modalités de mise en œuvre du programme d'appui à la Politique Sectorielle Santé II ; provision of administrative and financial assistant

(5) Burkina Faso (08-09/2017): Elaboration of the Health Sector Policy; provision of administrative and financial assistant

(6) DR Congo (05-09/2018): Final evaluation of the 10th EDF health programme in the DR Congo; provision of pharmaceutical expert by HF

(7) West Africa: Programming Mission for the project "Support to the Regional Centre for Disease Surveillance and Control in the ECOWAS zone"; provision of team leader and PH expert by HF

  • Selection, mobilisation and provision of short-term experts for each assignment
  • Provision of quality assurance for the reports/ requested outputs, monitoring of assignment implementation as well as technical backstopping for the experts;
  • Management of assignment implementation;
  • Maintaining a comprehensive database of relevant consultants;
  • Contract and financial management, logistical support.