Developing Guidance on Conducting Joint AIDS Programme Reviews - UNAIDS


The present project has been commissioned by UNAIDS Secretariat and aims at developing a guidance on conducting national joint AIDS programme reviews. Based on the analysis of existing documents and joint reviews, and in consultation with key stakeholders the consultant will generate an agreed set of practical guidelines for NACs and their partners at country level to plan and execute joint reviews of the national AIDS programmes.


The work consists of an extensive desk review as well as interviews and electronic consultation.

The desk review includes the collection of existing relevant guidance documents, TORs and reports of joint AIDS reviews that have taken place and the analysis and synthesis of experience, the development of a brief concept paper, and the production of a draft guidance.

  • Identification and selection of the international expert;
  • Organisation of short term missions of the consultant;
  • Desk review and interviews;
  • Elaboration of final guidance.