Workshop „Sexual Education, Prevention of HIV/AIDS and Reproductive Health for Youth”


Identification of fundamental critical points related to the sexual education of the youth in the education sector through the exchange of experiences about approaches and programmes in their home countries; development of appropriate strategies taking into account the different religious and cultural contexts involved; identification of best practice examples and relevant sources of information and contacts.


Exchange of experiences of members of governmental and non governmental organisations from Rwanda, Cameroon and Niger. Introduction of innovative approaches and best practices with regard to working with vulnerable populations (youth, women, including commercial sex workers, and other groups at risk due to a lack of information and power) with sexual education initiatives, HIV prevention and health promotion activities. Starting point for discussion concerning a working plan that will address each country’s needs, setting a project wide technical assistance and advocacy strategy that will lead to a future model of cooperation in the region.

Target group of the seminar: executives from ministries, national programmes, educational institutions, NGOs and counterparts from health, youth and education projects of the technical cooperation.

Preparation, organisation and implementation of training workshop:

  • Course design and curriculum development;
  • Production of learning material;
  • Conduction of E-based preparatory phase for participants;
  • Facilitation of training seminar;
  • Documentation.