Training course: Print media development for Adolescents in Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS Prevention


To convey how to develop and use effective print media, pointing at their advantage for reaching aims effectively in the field of health and social policies:

- Strategic thinking / situation analysis;

- Work planning and team organisation;

- Responding to needs of target groups;

- Content development (“messages”);

- Design;

- IEC material (information, education, communication);

- Testing and evaluation.


Within the framework of the DSE/InWEnt programme “Education of adolescents in HIV/AIDS prevention and reproductive health”, Health Focus was implementing two joint projects that aimed at improving the access to information on HIV/AIDS prevention and reproductive health for young people.

The first project was centred on the development and implementation of an IT based training course on print media development in the fields of sexual education, HIV and AIDS prevention and reproductive health, specifically aiming at the target group of adolescents. This e-learning course was used by the later workshop participants for the purposes of preparation and thereby boosted a common level of knowledge with regard to the workshop participants that came from different francophone countries in Africa.

The second project encompassed the necessary theoretical and practical training in print media development by means of a two-week workshop that was conceptualised, organised and implemented by Health Focus.

  • Conceptualisation and realisation of an e-learning course in favour of the later participants of the two-week training workshop;
  • Technical and organisational preparation as well as implementation of the two-week training workshop;
  • Workshop moderation and documentation;
  • Curriculum development for the training course: print media (introductory course in typography), media studies, techniques of situation analyses, evaluation and IEC material;
  • Training methods: group work, oral presentations and practical exercises.