Restructuring of the Romanian Network of HIV/AIDS Regional Centres in order to improve prevention related activities and better access to health care for the HIV/AIDS infected people


To support the health sector reform in the priority public health fields identified in the national HIV/AIDS policy and the National Programme for Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable diseases.


The Phare Project RO-2002/000-586.04.11.01 aims at transforming the existing HIV/AIDS network into a comprehensive and well-coordinated system, which will include the public health structures (IPH, DPHD, GDPHSI, MOH) – capable of adequate coordination of surveillance, prevention and health care management in compliance with the EC HIV/AIDS Action programme. The main activities of the programme are:

  • upgrading the HIV/AIDS related legislation, in view of facilitating access to the HIV/AIDS groups at risks, as well as fighting discrimination against them;
  • improving the HIV/AIDS reporting and monitoring processes;
  • establishing of an HIV/AIDS sentinel surveillance and promoting the VCT policies, as a basis for adequate HIV/AIDS prevention and care planning;
  • training the professional staff of MOH, IPHs, DPHDs, ARCs, in surveillance, prevention and health promotion policies

Geographical area: 6 DPHD and all the 9 ARCs of the country

Target groups: MOH, IPS, DPHD and ARC Staff, primary health care teams (doctors, nurses), medical specialists (infectious diseases, dentistry, gyneacology/obstetrics, blood transfusion, labs) and NGOs.

  • Technical assistance to the MoH with regards to surveillance, legislation and medical and biomedical standards,
  • Training of medical and paramedical staff,
  • Training and support of non-governmental and self help organisations,
  • Steering of the implementation process,
  • Continuous technical backstopping by Health Focus head office staff.