Research document on impact measurement of health programmes – Public health part

The GTZ project “Socio-economic accompanying research for health programmes of the German development cooperation“ aims to support the BMZ in assessing the long-term impact of health interventions through methodologically sound impact evaluations. The project intends to bring the German development cooperation up to international standards in the area of impact measurement, to advise all German health projects on how to plan and implement solid M&E systems, and to introduce impact measurement into all health projects as well as operational research where required.

The objective of this consultancy is to develop a research document on the strengths and weaknesses of the M&E systems of the BMZ-funded health projects worldwide. The comprehensive paper is to

  • Summarize the findings on the typical indicators and impact chains utilized after analyzing their strengths and weaknesses; and,
  • Develop a set of key indicators based on the criteria relevance, practicality and importance.

The Public Health expert’s main activities are:

  • Clustering all health projects/programmes according to themes;
  • Assessing the commonly used impact chains;
  • Identifying the key indicators used; and,
  • Drafting of research document.

Technical assistance:

  • Provision of Public Health expert, who works in collaboration with a methodology expert;
  • Elaboration of concept paper;
  • Final report.