“Don’t Give AIDS a Chance” Campaign 2014 -2015


Provision of technical assistance for revising, conceptualizing and further planning of the existing national HIV Prevention Campaign “Don’t Give AIDS a Chance Campaign” with the goal to:

  • Increase knowledge and awareness of HIV/AIDS and diminish barriers to talk about AIDS openly;
  • Reduce discrimination and stigmatization of those affected by HIV/AIDS;
  • Promote safe sexual behaviour (use of condoms, get information through the hotline, go for testing).


The consortium Health Focus/ Futures Group Ukraine is responsible for the development of the “Don’t Give AIDS a Chance Campaign” for the years 2014 - 2015. The campaign was launched for the first time in 2009, inspired by the successful German campaign “Gib AIDS Keine Chance”. It was developed by GIZ in cooperation with the local partner Ukrainian State Service on HIV/AIDS and other socially dangerous disease prevention as a combination of mass media and personal communication.

The mass media pillar of the Campaign targets the general population. However, special importance (approached with personalized and tailored activities and methods) is given to:

  • Youth and young adults (in- and out-of-school settings);
  • Employees (for instance in the transport sector);
  • Change agents (e.g. family doctors, journalists, politicians, celebrities, teachers, employers...)

The Campaign will take into consideration a human rights-based and gender-transformative approach and will include both, a short term perspective (i.e. 2014-2015 especially in the pilot area) but also a long-term perspective (developed products should be useful for a campaign that may last roughly 10 years, and expand into the whole country’s population).

  • Selection, mobilisation and supervision of international and national long-term and short-term experts and personnel; establishment and maintenance of a project office;
  • Assessment of the existing Campaign (2009 – 2013), elaboration of recommendations regarding and adjustments to the existing Campaign strategy as well as materials;
  • Development of new Campaign and improvement of existing Campaign material;
  • Testing of materials with the respective target groups;
  • Continuous documentation of relevant Campaign documents in a “virtual library” (materials are made available digitally to the public);
  • Tendering (according to GIZ rules and regulations) and quality assurance of the local production/ print of the materials;
  • Technical and administrative backstopping of the project/ quality assurance of deliverables;
  • Regular coordination with and reporting to client and partners.