Development of the Training Course: “Management for District Health Systems” – Curriculum Development and Workshop Facilitation


Preparation, presentation and documentation of the expert workshop on developing an HIV and AIDS programme within the standard training course as well as on a strategic concept on how to relocate the courses from Germany to partner countries in Asia and Africa.


The InWEnt Division for Public Health organised an expert workshop for the development of an HIV and AIDS programme within the training course “Management for District Health Systems”. The course is designed for health managers from Asia and the Anglophone Africa working in decentralised health systems, in health services with enlarged responsibilities or in health management training institutions, in order to strengthen their leadership capacity and to enable them to organise and carry out appropriate training in health management for their health personnel.

The goals of the workshop are:

  • To adapt the curriculum of the training course to the needs of NGOs and departments of health ministries working in the area of HIV/AIDS prevention and control;
  • To analyse necessary modifications of the training course in terms of the planned relocation of the Management training course to Asia and the HIV/AIDS programme to Africa.
  • Curriculum development/modification;
  • Administrative and content-orientated preparation and presentation of the workshop;
  • Documentation of the workshop results.