Development of HIV/AIDS Online Training Courses for health professionals (German, English, Chinese version)


To upgrade and deepen the participants’ specific knowledge about HIV/AIDS

To broach the issue of HIV/AIDS impact on all life levels

To let participants understand HIV/AIDS as a global problem

To see the participants of the online course as important information mediators in the global fight against AIDS


HIV/AIDS has become one of the most important cross cutting issues for public and medical staff in administrative functions in developing countries. These groups often lack adequate training for dealing with the epidemic. In order to improve access to relevant information and to improve their knowledge, skills and attitude, Health Focus Ltd. developed two different interactive HIV/AIDS online training courses. One course was designed for medical doctors, the second one for non medical public administrators and interested managers of private organizations. Health Focus’ tasks also included the revision of existing training approaches and the development of culture specific country case examples for Africa and Asia, including China.

Technical Assistance:

  • Curriculum development;
  • Authoring of background reading material;
  • Development of interactive contents and exercises;
  • Participant online tutoring.