Consulting Services for Planning and Regulation of the Health Care Delivery System - Training of Judet Health Managers


Overall objective: The overall objective of this training programme for the district level was to improve district health managers’ knowledge and management skills as well as to strengthen their professional creativity in order to respond in a flexible way to the unexpected challenges in their job and to work as a team. The expected training outcome is a better job performance in the district teams

Specific objectives: To analyse the present situation of the district using epidemiological tools, to formulate a health plan for the judet for the improvement of the current situation, to introduce the new model of health care delivery developed by the project


Within the National Hospital Rationalisation Strategy (NHRS) in Romania, a shift from a hospital centred health system to a more diversified system with different levels and types of care is foreseen. In this context, the Judet Health Authorities together with the local organisations of the National Health Insurance House were asked to develop Judet Health Services Development Plans (JHSDPs). In order to encourage and strengthen the planning process at judet level, Health Focus GmbH supported the development of a training programme, providing tools for needs oriented local health planning and management and conducted the respective parts of the training.

Training Workshops on Needs assessment and planning in the Judet Health System in Romania were organised and implemented.


  • Curriculum Development;
  • Training;
  • Report writing.