Conceptualisation and Implementation of Psycho-Social Support Teams to Foster the Capacities of Staff at Schools and in Learning Centres in Kosovo

Context: An effective education policy and enhanced job opportunities are ways to prevent conflict and massive disordered migration. However, capacity at all levels of the education sector is not sufficient to achieve the development objectives of the Kosovar Government in terms of inclusive and high-quality education. The GIZ Capacity Development in Basic Education (CDBE) program therefore aims at strengthening the capacities of the Kosovar Education system.

Objective: The overall objective of the CDBE program is to create opportunities for all children and young people in Kosovo through strengthening the education system and support children’s (re-) integration into the Kosovar education system. Especially the educational participation of girls and boys, who are returning from migration, and in particular children from ethnic minorities, is to be improved. The Consultant is concentrating on the second strategic goal of the CDBE program that aims at strengthening psycho-social and social education capacities by a joint effort of schools and Learning Centres for improved integration of children from minorities. The support program is primarily carried out by partner NGOs and it is therefore key to also enhance cross sector collaboration on municipality level.

Content: The Consultant is providing expertise to teachers and Learning Centre staff on mental health issues and psycho-social approaches in multi-ethnic environments. Next to the technical input and capacity strengthening part of the project, the Consultant is supporting the staff through self-care measures. During the first phase of the project, a tool box of approaches for the psychosocial support of children in difficult situations as well as for self-care measures has been developed to be used by the local teachers and NGO staff. In a second field phase, the CDBE program concept will be further refined and the tool box completed.

  • Selection, mobilisation and provision of short-term experts;
  • Review of existing approaches on capacity strengthening in issues on mental health and psycho-social support, as well as on self-care measures;
  • Organisation of field interventions in schools and Learning Centres in Kosovo together with national consultants;
  • Regular coordination with and reporting to the GIZ, German partners as well as in-country partners;
  • Development of tailored, effective and sustainable concept and appropriate approaches and training measures for the CDBE program;
  • Provision of recommendations through final report.