Regional Programme on HIV & AIDS and Substance Abuse Prevention in the Education Sector

Implementation of the education sector component into the overall GTZ Programme “HIV/AIDS and drug prevention in Central Asia” targeted to adolescents in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan; aiming at awareness-raising and improving knowledge on HIV & AIDS and substance abuse.

Health Focus steers the conceptual preparation and professional implementation of effective prevention strategies for adolescents in the three target countries. At political level HF works in close cooperation with the Ministries of Education in Tashkent, Bishkek und Dushanbe, working and consulting partner are the pedagogic institutes or facilities for training and continuing education of teachers of the respective countries.

Responsibilities include:

  • Process facilitation for the integration of HIV prevention and substance abuse prevention into national policies and regulations;
  • Development and pilot testing of education and training curricula including appropriate HIV and substance abuse prevention methods;
  • Development of materials for teaching staff and school psychological service;
  • Education and further training for teachers and disseminators;
  • Expansion of school psychological services.
  • Establishment of a Join-in circuit for HIV and AIDS prevention for students as primary interactive tool in all three countries within the pilot phase. Establishment of a Join-in circuit for adults as a novelty in Kyrgyzstan.
  • Selection and mobilisation of the international and national long-term experts, short-term experts and supporting staff;
  • Project administration, monitoring and supervision in line with the GTZ instruments;
  • Project implementation in close coordination with the GIZ country offices and close collaboration with partners and stakeholders;
  • Organisation and implementation of training courses;
  • Provision of in-house experts for specific support of project activities;
  • Technical backstopping of the project;
  • Regular reporting to the client.