Preventive Health System Support Project – Planning and Programme Implementation, Public Health and Training


To improve the health status of the population by maintaining the pace of health improvements, putting Vietnam on course to achieve the health-related VDG (Vietnamese Development Goals) targets by 2015.


The project supports the Government to develop a comprehensive preventive health system that supports efforts to reduce the spread of communicable diseases and addresses emerging challenges in preventive health, including food safety and occupational health and safety.

Mediconsult and Health Focus provide consultancy services for the four project components:

  • Health Surveillance and Priority Health Issues: Technical assistance is provided to improve surveillance data collection tool/platform, data processing/reporting, data dissemination and data use;
  • Preventive Health System Strengthening: Equipment for PHCs in 46 provinces is provided that will improve laboratory services in diagnostics, screening and monitoring the effectiveness of treatment;
  • Human Resource Development: Training is provided in key areas such as epidemiology, communicable diseases control, health system management, and laboratory procedures for national, provincial, district and district health personnel;
  • Project Management: Technical advice is provided to help strengthen the central and provincial capacity of MOH to implement the Project.

The Preventive Health System Support Project specially focuses on diseases of the poor as well as on improving the health status of vulnerable groups.

  • Selection and mobilisation of the team;
  • Technical advice on preventive health to the Ministry of Health;
  • Development of respective training curricula;
  • Implementation/supervision of preventive health training;
  • Support to the development of a preventive health surveillance system;
  • Support to the introduction of a surveillance system;
  • Report.