Preparation of the Mekong Health Support Project


To provide inputs, information and data needed for preparing and designing Mekong Health Support Project.

Specific objectives:

Situation analysis of health status and health care delivery in Mekong region:

  • To provide an overview of the current health status and health care delivery in the Mekong Delta provinces, to which interventions will be made;
  • To assess the feasibility of the Mekong Health Support Project, identifying problems on health status needs, and strengths and weaknesses of health care delivery in this target region;
  • To makes recommendations on how to improve quality of care in this region;
  • To seek ways of promoting increased effectiveness of spending on the desired activities, while efforts continue to be made to find reliable and sustainable means of protecting the poor from health-induced financial catastrophe.


The CAS of the Bank (2003-2006) in Vietnam included Mekong Health Support Project. The purpose of the Project was to achieve medium term health gains in the Mekong Delta provinces especially for the poor. In order to prepare the Project, the Japanese Government granted Technical Assistance to the Ministry of Health in Vietnam.
The Grant activities consisted of :
1. Situation analysis of health status and health care delivery in Mekong region.
2. Study on Mekong Regional Hospital roles and capacities.
3. Health insurance expansion study.
4. Health promotion and prevention strategies.
5. Medical education assessment.
6. Project design and grant implementation.
7. Other studies as needed.

  • Situation analysis;
  • Hospital roles and capacities;
  • Consultancy services for hospital management and administration;
  • Health promotion;
  • Feasibility studies;
  • Final report.