Evaluation on the Projects implemented in Sotnikum OD, Siem Reap Province


The evaluation aims at learning from MSF intervention of the past 6 years in Sotnikum District:

  • The creation of a Chronic Disease clinic in Sotnikum for HIV/Aids, diabetes, hypertension and other chronic diseases patients.
  • The introduction of a community DOTS strategy for TB and the upgrade of follow-up and referral system for TB in the OD.
  • The impact of the newly implemented Village Malaria Workers' strategy to early diagnose and treat malaria.

Specific Objectives:

The study should aim at helping to understand: the pertinence and efficiency of MSF intervention, appreciation of the general impact on other health activities and issues in the district, allocation of funds and scoring of MSF activities.


In Sotnikum, MSF has implemented TB, malaria and HIV/AIDS projects over the course of the last 6 years. The evaluation is based on the review and analysis of a variety of documents, and the use of different qualitative methods during country evaluation missions. Data was collected from a combination of both individual interviews and focus group discussions.

  • Project management and administration;
  • Selection and backstopping of the evaluation experts;
  • Evaluation of the programme components according to pre-defined criteria;
  • Regular reporting to the client.