Evaluation of the Family Planning Project, KfW (German Development Bank) financed, in Pakistan


Evaluation of the Social Marketing component of the Family Planning Programme I and II as well as drafting of a proposal for further development of the project resp. similar projects:

  • Advantages respectively disadvantages of NGOs in comparison to the public sector as well as coordination of the public sector (e.g. municipal implementation by health authorities.
  • Advantages of the “Green Star Network” (Organisation of doctors and midwifes for the counselling and marketing of contraceptives).
  • Survey of appropriateness of the concept from the agency SMP and the consultant PSI for the amelioration of the RH situation.
  • Transfer of gained experience from the municipal and semi-urban environment to rural environment respectively identification of necessary modifications.
  • Ownership and sustainability


Since the mid-1990s family/population planning programmes in Pakistan have been funded by German Financial Cooperation (FZ). In 2003, the German Government and the Government of Pakistan agreed on the health sector as the priority area of bilateral development cooperation.

The evaluation covers the KfW financed projects Family Planning I and II (Social Marketing of contraceptives) within the Evaluation Programme of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

  • Ex post Evaluation;
  • Selection and backstopping of the evaluation team;
  • Regular feedback to all relevant stakeholders;
  • Proposal drafting.