Sub-Sahara Africa: University and clinic partnerships (HKP)

Objectives: Set up and coordination of an IT panel that provides technical advise to the GIZ HKP team on Output 1 (Support to 10 university and hospital partnerships with a focus on eHealth) and Output 2 (Piloting and testing forms of cooperation with the IT and health industry within the framework of university and hospital partnerships).

Content: The objective of the overall GIZ programme on University and Hospital Partnerships (HKP) in Africa is: Tertiary and regional health institutions in selected African countries use institutional university and hospital partnerships with a thematic focus on eHealth to improve their services.

Health Focus provides an expert team that implements the following activities:

  • For output 1: Selection and accompanying advice to the GIZ team during the implementation of the partnership projects by the partnership members:
  • Inputs for the preparation of a catalogue of criteria (e.g. digital readiness of end users, protection of personal data, participatory project development) for the eligibility of submitted project proposals with a focus on eHealth solutions.
  • Inputs for the preparation of a project proposal form ensuring that the selection criteria defined in the catalogue of criteria are taken into account accordingly in the project design as well as the subsequent implementation.
  • Technical advice to clinics and universities interested in a partnership project and to applicants on the conception and planning of a project application in order to ensure the quality of the applications in terms of the selection criteria.
  • Participation in the technical committee for the evaluation and selection of applications.
  • Technical advice to the GIZ team for the support to the partnerships during the implementation of the projects.
  • For output 2: Involving the IT industry in the university and hospital partnerships
  • Support to the GIZ team on the involvement of companies from the IT sector and the health sector in Germany/Europe/Sub-Saharan Africa in the partnerships.
  • Participation and support in the preparation and implementation of events with the private sector (e.g. matchmaking workshops).
  • Advice to the GIZ team on the development of a common vision (e.g. in the form of a concept paper) of the partners as well as future private companies involved in multi-actor partnerships.
  • Advice on the development of a suitable monitoring system for cooperation with the private sector.

Type of services provided

  • Project administration, monitoring and supervision in line with the GIZ instruments;
  • Coordination with GIZ;
  • Technical backstopping of the project ensuring the services of the experts according to the work plan agreed with GIZ / quality assurance of deliverables;
  • Coordinating the expert team and ensuring that the funded project proposals are in line with the principles of German DC and the latest public health approaches
  • Advice and technical guidance to applicants on the development of final twinning project documents (primarily operational plans)
  • Advising the GIZ team on
  • the technical support of the partnerships and on continuous monitoring
  • the support to the implementing institution in tendering of IT services (market study; terms of reference and preparation of a calculation over the entire life cycle (specifications); decision support in the use of open source or licensed software, support in the evaluation of offers from service providers, etc.)
  • Advising on the development of concepts and strategies for strengthening the sustainability of partnerships on the topic of eHealth beyond BMZ funding, especially with regard to the inclusion of the private health sector