SIDAPES II – Operationalising the country wide M&E system for HIV/AIDS


The second phase of the SIDAPES project comprises two parts:

  1. Set-up of SIDAPES at the selected partners’ and at all decentralised CNLS structures
  2. Follow-up of the first 12 months of SIDAPES use


The HIV/AIDS Information System “SIDAPES” is used for the planning, monitoring and evaluation by all relevant organisations in Guinea Conakry

The project SIDAPES – M&E tool of HIV/AIDS activities – aims at setting up an information system for planning, coordination, monitorind and evaluation for all actors involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS in Guinea.

SIDAPES and its communication platform enables an exchange of experience between the different actors. Moreover, the SIDAPES database enables an easy connection to the CRIS, the M&E system developed by UNAIDS.

  • Conceptualisation of a country wide HIV/AIDS intervention information system
  • Development of the respective software
  • Set up of data bank administration unit
  • Introduction of information system
  • User training
  • Follow up and coaching of administration unit Re-training