Reproductive Health and Health Financing - Community based reproductive health services in Kenya


To improve the access of the youth as well as men and women in age of procreation to quality reproductive health services in rural areas, taking into account the level of poverty and needs of the targeted population. (specific objectives: reduction of HIV/AIDS transmission through condom distribution, spreading of family planning methods according to population needs)


SANIPLAN/HEALTH FOCUS are responsible for the implementation of Component 2 (Community based reproductive health services) of the health programme financed by the German bilateral cooperation covering the geographical area of eight districts in the Western and five districts in the Nyanza provinces.

- Expansion of community-based Family Planning (FP) including prevention of unwanted pregnancies

- Health promotion with special emphasis on adolescents

- Realisation of sexual and reproductive rights including the fight against Female Genital Mutilation

- HIV/AIDS prevention and control using a multi-sectoral approach to ensure its mainstreaming

  • Project management and implemen-tation;
  • Technical assistance, training;
  • Conduction of studies as well as beneficiary surveys;
  • Continuous thematic exchange with the technical unit at GTZ head of-fice;
  • Participation in knowledge man-agement bringing in current experi-ence made in the project, especially in the fields of HIV/STI and youth, volunteer services, training and communication at community level and operational research.