Reintegration programme of ex-combatants and refugees, Component 2 DOCS: “Support to female victims of sexual violence in the 4 Health centres and 5 Hospitals of the Maniema province”

Overall objective:

To help women and girls victims of sexual violence (Femmes et Filles Victimes de Violences Sexuelles - FFVVS) in overcoming their trauma.

Specific objectives:

Psychological support of the FFVVS; medical care of the FFVVS; Strengthening of the community capacity to develop protection measures and mechanisms against sexual violence.


Women and girls suffered most from the 12 years of warfare in RDC: sexual violence was used against the population by the armed forces. Within this context, the component 2 of the present programme “Reintegration programme of ex-combatants and refugees in DRC” funded by KfW aims at providing medical and psychosocial care for raped women (FVVS) in 4 health centres in the Maniema province in order to achieve its principal goal of helping the victims in overcoming their trauma. The project aims at providing support to the DOCS (Doctors on Call for Services) hospitals which identified victims and provided them with treatment and care within the Goma Project (Nord-Kivu) from 2003 to 2004. The present project comprises the following activities :

- Free medical care and psychosocial support to the victims;

- VCT;

- clinical and surgical training of medical staff in the 4 health centres of Maniema as well as in reproductive Health, HIV/AIDS and traumatology;

- nurse training (IST and rape consequences);

- training of women from local associations in counselling and family mediation;

- community mobilisation in villages of Maniema towards behaviour change concerning women rights and protection.

  • Technical support of DOCS (Doctors on call for Services);
  • Short term missions in RDC;
  • Reports;
  • Backstopping.