Public-private partnership (PPP) between the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the Laboratoire Médical Guineo-Allemand (LGA): Training Programme for Medical Professionals in Guinea

In 2011, Health Focus established a medical laboratory and Diagnostic Centre of comparable quality to European standards at affordable costs in Conakry, Guinea.

Health Focus introduced a standardized internal quality control system in addition to biannual external independent evaluation according to German standards.

Within the operational activities, LGA started a PPP with the BMZ in order to strengthen the capacities of health personnel in Guinea. The aim of the two years Training Programme is to improve the quality of medical diagnostics and treatment in Guinea by implementing trainings for medical professionals and laboratory experts.

The activities are carried out in different stages and are based on the training curricula of the Ministry of Health:

  • Review of the training curricula
  • 10 training modules
  • Training of 3 medical doctors and 3 biologists from Guinea by a German team of one medical doctor and one biologist
  • Training of Trainers: The multiplication of the trainings is assured by a team of medical doctors, biologists and laboratory personnel trained by the LGA personnel
  • Building up of a team of local trainers
  • Provision of training activities for medical doctors and laboratory experts.
  • Technical support to the participants at their workplace (hospital, physician's practice) after the trainings.