Provision of Technical Support in the context of Monitoring and Evaluation, Public Health issues and overall Project Management


Definition of the technical aspects (hard- and software) and contents of a computerised M&E System following up the implementation of Malaria control and prevention activities by the Yakubo Gowon Centre in Nigeria (Principal Recipient Malaria Grant/GFTAM).

  • Contact and consult all relevant partner organisations in Nigeria (Abuja and two selected states and districts);
  • Assess the currently available M&E tools and standards set in data collection, analysis, interpretation and dissemination in malaria programmes in Nigeria;
  • Evaluate the existing hard- and software used for collecting and processing data to monitor malaria project/programme activities in Nigeria;
  • Develop a suitable Malaria M&E tool to follow up the implementation process;
  • Define a hard- and software solution for a Malaria M&E system, based on experiences of the GTZ Backup Initiative financed 'SIDAPES' project in Guinea (Including cost estimations).


The CCM Nigeria proposed a programme to the GFTAM to reduce malaria mortality and morbidity, especially in children under 5 and pregnant women in Nigeria. The YGC had been identified as principal recipient (PR) for this grant. In order to accelerate the process of disbursement of funds and monitor the implementation of the proposed activities, a sound (Malaria) Monitoring & Evaluation System(MMES) is required. As in Nigeria many different organisations were involved in the implementation of malaria programs, it was of utmost importance to harmonise existing systems and avoid duplications and incompatibilities. The herewith proposed consultancy aimed at assessing the existing systems used by all relevant partners participating in the national malaria program and support the YGC to develop its own computerised M&E system.

  • Providing training and capacity building, expertise and experts;
  • Development and continuous support of the M&E system;
  • Programme management;
  • Establishment (hard-, software and training) and continuous technical support of the IT-based M&E system including the complete IT-based communication structure of the GFATM-funded projects;
  • Providing assistance on technical issues relevant to project management and M&E with the main objective of ensuring the transfer of expertise.