Promotion of Primary Education in Guinea/ Reproductive and Family Health in Guinea

The project aims at supporting two GIZ Programs in Guinea “Promotion of basic education in Guinea” and “Reproductive and family health in Guinea”. It includes the implementation of one component of each program in the three project regions Mamou, Labé and Faranah. A forth region is covered by the health program only (Kindia).

In the health program the consortium is responsible for the component “Improving the quality of reproductive health services, including HIV” aiming at increasing the use of the reproductive health services by the population in the project regions.

The project strategy is based on the assumption that a lack of services quality is one of the main reasons for the low acceptance and little use of health services in Guinea. The project therefore aims at supporting the improvement of quality of reproductive health services so they comply with the

national minimum standards. To assure this, the project collaborates with the Ministry of Health and its subordinate agencies as well as with selected health centers and hospitals of the project regions. Interventions domains include:

(1) Improving obstetric care (training of midwives, nurses and doctors regarding obstetric standards (e.g. use of partograms), obstetric complications and relevant clinical topics
(2) Introduction of quality management instruments of in the SRH
(3) Capacity strengthening of health management teams on prefecture level
(4) Support the ARV treatment of 3000 patients and provision of support to the National AIDS Program to take over their treatment successively

For the education program the consortium is responsible for the component “Improving working and learning conditions in the beneficiary schools”. The component aims at improving school management and an enhanced involvement of the community. School board employees at prefectural and community level, school counselors and directors will be trained in order to optimize school structure and school administration & management. The link between school and community should will be strengthened through the introduction of local parents - community organization who commit to safer journeys to school and safety at school for their children.