Options and possibilities to integrate the PMTCT sector project component in the Kenyan-German Health Sector Support Programme


  • Study the limits and possibilities of a sustainable integration and link-up of the ongoing PMTCT (Preventing Mother-to-Child Transmission) activities with the work of the German Development Cooperation and the GTZ Health sector programme on national and regional level and to develop clear recommendations with advantages and disadvantages of the developed option.
  • Study the possibility of handing over the PMTCT sector project to the Kenyan partner with regards to sustainability, service continuity and quality considering different time scenarios.


The new GTZ sector programme HIV/AIDS “Strengthening the German contribution to the global AIDS response” took over the responsibility within GTZ, for the PMTCT components in Kenya and Tanzania. The bilateral Health Sector Programme of the German Development Cooperation in Kenya designed the new phase of the programme together with its partners as part of the Kenya Health Sector SWAP.

The consultants studied the possibilities, risks, costs, advantages and disadvantages of an integration of the PMTCT component Kenya in the health sector support programme for its next phase.

  • Technical assistance;
  • Field visits;
  • Desk study;
  • Consultation with relevant national and international project partners at central, regional and district level;
  • Workshop organisation and documentation;