Master of Medicine in Community Practice (MMCP) Training Programme Uganda – Long-term national component Berlin: Technical and organisational support


Organisation and implementation of the long-term national component 2004 for the participants of the MMCP programme in Mbarara, Uganda including technical assistance, evaluation and recommendations for future courses.


Mbarara University of Science and Technology, with the assistance of InWEnt, has been running a training programme for Masters of Medicine in Community Practice (MMCP) for the last four years. Within the MMCP programme, young doctors from rural districts are trained to gain technical knowledge for the independent work in remote hospitals and for the successful management of health districts. Health Focus GmbH provided individual and technical support to five students of the programme during their participation of the Master course International Health in Berlin, evaluated the long-term component and developed recommendations.

  • Coordination of the Programme;
  • Technical assistance and training;
  • Health sector manpower development;
  • Evaluation of the programme component.