Market Assessment of the Health Sector in Guinea


The main objective of this work is to develop a Market Assessment of the Health Sector in Guinea as a business case that can used to support initiatives to attract investment and capital inflow into the health sector.


Develop a conclusion and recommendations that highlight the levels and areas of investment, partnerships, international collaboration and changes required to bring the country’s health sector to a desired level within the next five to ten years paying attention to:

  • Issues in policy and legislation for health sector development
  • Emerging trends in the public, NGO and private sector and their contribution
  • Market opportunities for private sector growth (generally and for specific types of care).
  • Government interest in PPPs and a list of possible PPP projects.
  • Suggest some ‘quick wins’ that the private sector can implement to improve overall quality of service.
  • Selection, mobilization and provision of short-term experts
  • Provision of quality assurance for the reports/ requested outputs, monitoring of assignment implementation as well as technical backstopping for the experts;
  • Management of assignment implementation;
  • Maintaining a comprehensive database of relevant consultants;
  • Contract and financial management, logistical support.