Mapping of private sector healthcare providers in the city of Conakry

The overall objective of this project is to develop a comprehensive database of all private health facilities and pharmacies in the metropolitan region of Conakry in Guinea. The government wishes to identify private service providers, assess their quality and help them to become licensed to ensure that they meet government standards for care. This mapping will accurately enumerate the number of private service providers that are licensed and unlicensed, gather information about the quality of their services and identify ways to improve their services to meet MOH standards or address the obstacles to getting licensed.

The Health Finance and Governance Project (HFG) implemented by Abt Associates has received funding from the USAID for supporting the relaunch of activities post-Ebola in Guinea in the area of health systems strengthening.

The project includes three main components:

• Improving the governance and institutional capacity through the health system,
• Generating a favorable environment of health financing, as well as improving the capacity of the ministry of public health in order to better manage financial resources;
± Improving institutional capacities of the ministry of health to manage human resources.

It is within the framework of this project that Health Focus provides technical assistance for the implementation of a mapping of private health structures of the city of Conakry.

The mapping should include the following:

  1. The total number of private health structures and pharmacies (with or without authorization/ permit), their type, affiliation, and character;
  2. The geographical location of private health structures and pharmacies by their GPS location;
  3. The number of staff by professional category,
  4. The infrastructure and the availability of equipment;
  5. The types and volume of services offered;
  6. The perception of private health structures and pharmacies managers on the main obstacles (infrastructure, services, location, access to financing, training, etc.) to the proper functioning of their structures and obtaining official authorization.