KAP Study on HIV/AIDS and STI among personnel of the beneficiary firms of the Multimodal Transport Project


Realisation of a knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAP) survey on HIV&AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections, their consequences, prevention and care amongst the target group. A sample size of 8267 respondents included workers, civil servants, supervisors, customers and members of the surrounding communities working in or associated with the transport sector.

The survey explored if the family situation and professional and social backgrounds had an effect on the behaviour of the respondents with respect to the prevalence and spread of HIV&AIDS and other STIs.


The investigation was conducted in operating centres and surrounding communities of the beneficiary firms of the Multimodal Transport Project in 9 cities countrywide. The goal of the investigation was the elaboration of a strategic report proposing effective communication strategies to change the behavior of people at high risk of propagating HIV and other STI’s in the transport sector. The survey was requested by the CEPTM (Project Implementation Unit of the Multimodal Transport Project) of the Ministry of Transport and Communication following a funding agreement between the DRC and World Bank for infrastructure development.

  • Provision of consultants, coordinators, site supervisors, interviewers and data entry operators;
  • Supply of equipment and provision of office;
  • Training of supervisors and interviewers;
  • Survey implementation in nine cities of the country;
  • Coordination and facilitation meetings with the client (Steering Committee);
  • Development of field data collection plan;
  • Reporting (interim and final report);
  • Elaboration of strategies and recommendations;
  • Project administration, monitoring and supervision (backstopping).