Independent evaluation of UNHCR’s efforts to prevent and respond to sexual and gender-based violence in situations of forced displacement


The purpose of this global evaluation is to review the implementation, quality, and impact of UNHCR’s activities in relation to SGBV prevention and response. It will assess the effectiveness and impact of UNHCR’s recommendations; identifying the key constraints and good practices regarding the implementation of these recommendations. This evaluation will also serve to identify and establish benchmarks for the recommended activities that will enable UNHCR to track the progress of SGBV prevention and response efforts in the future. Finally, it will set forth recommendations that can form the basis of a three-year SGBV plan of action that will enhance UNHCR’s ability to meet this component of its Global Strategic Objectives.


The primary output of the project will be an evaluation report; the findings and recommendations of which will provide the basis for the establishment of a three-year UNHCR SGBV strategy. The report will be based on a number of country evaluations of geographically representative countries in Africa, South America, Asia and Europe. In addition, desk studies, surveys and telephone interviews will be used to cover the global scope of the evaluation. Other outputs include the documentation of effective practices presented in an innovative way using short documentary films that serve as an awareness raising / training tool. Recommendations for country and sub-regional operations will be included in the review and proposals for the establishment of more effective SGBV monitoring and evaluation mechanisms will be made. In addition, a dissemination strategy for the evaluation’s findings and recommendations will be proposed.

  • Selecting international and national experts;
  • Planning, organisation and implementation of evaluation missions to Tanzania, DRC, Yemen, Columbia, Nepal and Georgia;
  • Evaluation of the programme components according to pre-defined criteria;
  • Production of documentary films on “best practice examples” in response to SGBV as training tool for UNHCR staff and partners;
  • Desk studies, surveys and semi-structured interviews with key personal;
  • Reporting and development of recommendations that will form the basis of a three-year SGBV plan of action for UNHCR;

Development of a dissemination strategy for the evaluation’s findings.