Implementation of a field study: Planification and utilization of Human Resources in Primary Health Care sector for the next 10 years, financed by World Bank


To improve the quality of Primary Health Care services

Specific Objectives:

  • To evaluate the adequacy and the motivation of human resources in Primary Health Care
  • To plan the allocation and the utilization of human resources in Primary Health Care
  • Define motivation strategies for the personnel


Since 1984, the government of the Republic of Guinea has made extensive efforts to improve the national health system. However, the current health system functioning is not satisfactory. One of the main objectives of the National Plan of Health Development (PNDS) was to establish a policy for human resource development. First census of the health personnel have shown that there are many problems in repartition, age, specialisation, motivation, coordination, training, etc. Therefore, there is a great need for strategic planning of Primary Health Care human resources in the country.

  • Project design,
  • Desk study;
  • Establishment and validation of data collection tools (questionnaires, interview guides, etc.);
  • Field studies and data collection;
  • Data analysis;
  • Report;
  • Project backstopping and management.