Human rights/Fight against child labour and child trafficking/Sexual Health in Burkina Faso - Sub-component "Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health"


The quality of 13 existing youth centres (six in the Southwest region and seven in the Eastern region) is improved and new youth centres are built.


Health Focus is responsible for the sub-component 1 “Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health” that is part of the component 1 “Population policy, promotion of family planning and adolescent sexual and reproductive health” within the GIZ programme “Human rights/Fight against child labour and child trafficking/Sexual Health in Burkina Faso” (PROSAD). The overall objective of the programme is: Women, men and young people exercise their rights and use services in the field of sexual and reproductive health, protection against discrimination and traditional practices that violate human rights, protection against child trafficking and child labour. During a former phase GIZ supported the establishing of youth health centres/units in the Southwest and Eastern region of Burkina Faso. In order to increase the use and sustainability of these centres, Health Focus is requested to work jointly with the MoH and further stakeholders on a new approach, integrating youth, communities and civil society into service provision and the management of centres. At national level Health Focus works closely with the Directorate for the Health of Adolescents, Youth, and the Elderly of the Ministry of Health, and at regional level, with the decentralised structures of the Ministry of Health and with non-governmental organizations. The activities include:
• To support the project partners in the concept development, planning and implementation of educational activities for young people;
• To support the project partners in running the youth centres and in improving their attractiveness to the target groups. This includes small-scale refurbishment work, if necessary.
• Capacity development of the project partners;
• Accompanying research for the assessment of the effectiveness of single measures and to carry out smaller studies for identifying new topics and approaches.
• To consider gender aspects and ensure integration of HIV, human rights and the rights of young people.
• Capitalization of the adolescent sexual and reproductive health approach and documentation of "best practices".

  • Selection, mobilisation and supervision of international and national long-term and short-term experts and personnel; Institutional development and technical support to the youth centres and project partners;
  • Implementation of activities in close collaboration with key stakeholders and partner institutions (e.g. conception, preparation and realisation of situation analysis, workshops and trainings);
  • Operational research (e.g. baseline study), monitoring and evaluation (M&E) to enhance evidence-based strategic and operational decision-making;
  • Project administration, monitoring and supervision in line with the GIZ instruments (including local subsidy contract management);
  • Establishment and maintenance of a project office;
  • Coordination with GIZ;
  • Technical backstopping of the project/ quality assurance of deliverables;
  • Contribution to GIZ’s Knowledge management (Collating project experience and best practice examples);
  • Regular reporting to the client and partners.